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Why I Prefer “Flying Saucers” to “UFOs”

| Government, Ramblings, UFO | 2 Comments

Words are important.  In 1947, after pilot Kenneth Arnold claimed to have seen several crescent-shaped objects flying like saucers skipping on the surface of a pond, sensationalistic journalists coined the…

How to Hoax a Contact

| Contactees, Ramblings | 2 Comments

It’s pretty simple.  All you have to do is say that you had a contact experience. Contact experiences, as scientists and UFOlogists alike will tell you, are problematic because of…

Movie Review: This Island Earth

| Movies, Ramblings, Reviews, Science Fiction | No Comments

The late Bill Warren (who I interviewed for my film) called This Island Earth “the best and most significant science fiction movie of 1955.”  I will defer to his judgment…

In Memoriam: Bill Warren

| Filmmaking, Interviews, Movies, Science Fiction | No Comments

Early on in the production of They Rode the Flying Saucers, I knew that I wanted to address the idea of science fiction films as it related to popular culture….